Thursday, October 31, 2019

Consumer Behaivour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Consumer Behaivour - Essay Example For an example, laptop computers have become necessity for the modern tech savvy people. The buying behaviour or an individual is controlled by many factors some of the major factors are price, quality, reputation and many more. Lifestyle is another major factor which influences the buying behaviour of an individual. It has been seen that many time a same person changes his or her buying attitude according to the lifestyle (O'Shaughnessy: 1995). The factors which influence the buying process can be categorised into two major factors and they are internal factors and the external factors. These two factors are closely related to each other. However, the external factors come from the market and these factors are created by the marketers with great marketing and branding effects. The internal factors are the behavioural traits of the individuals. I am clear about these factors which have forced or rather helped me to take the final buying decision. I have understood the behavioural tra its of my buying behaviour with the thorough study of the may last ten prominent buys. I have realised that most of the products which I have bought are all branded and high end products. Some of them are highly expensive and top of the line products. I have also realised that I take sudden decisions about buying while I love the product. For an example, I bought Tom Ford (Bois Marocain) Perfume from David Jones as I liked the perfume. The aroma made me obsessed about the perfume so I bought it in a sudden manner while I was not at all thinking of buying a perfume. This shows that I am not majorly influenced by the price factor but I am influenced by the emotion. The factor analysis: The personal behaviour and perceptions create a lot of sense at the time of buying process. The personal traits are the major factors to execute the buying decisions. The individual perceptions towards products vary due to many internal factors like attitude, status, perception, lust and many other fact ors. However, to identify my buying behaviour I would like to take the help of the factor analysis of my behavioural traits towards buying relations. Gordon Allport’s Trait Theory: Famous psychologist Gordon Allport (1961) realised that there are majorly three trait factors which help to understand the human nature or the uniqueness of the individuals. And these three factors are central traits, secondary traits and the cardinal traits (Pastorino, and Doyle-Portillo: 2008). The central traits: The central traits focus on the behavioural factors which can be treated as the general nature of an individual. For an example if a person is friendly in most of the situation then the friends would take his friendly behaviour as the central trait. Same way in case of buying the openness and price sensitive nature can make the central traits of the person towards the buying behaviour. In this case my central trait is to buy products which are upgraded in nature and branded offcourse. T he price sensitivity is not at all the central trait of my buying behaviour. From the VAIO notebook to the YSL bag, Bobby Brown cosmetics to iPhone 4 each of them are the top of the line products. The luxury is another primary trait which controls my buying behaviour. Raymond Cattell’s factor analysis: Raymond Cattell introduced the statistical technique to identify the different

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