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Rudolf Hess, Nazi Who Claimed to Be Bringing Peace Offer

Rudolf Hess, Nazi Who Claimed to Be Bringing Peace Offer Rudolf Hess was a top Nazi official and close associate of Adolph Hitler who shocked the world in the spring of 1941 by flying a small plane to Scotland, parachuting to the ground, and claiming when captured that he was delivering a peace proposal from Germany. His arrival was met with astonishment and skepticism, and he spent the rest of the war in captivity. Fast Facts: Rudolph Hess Birth: April 26, 1894, Alexandria, Egypt.Death: August 17, 1987, Spandau Prison, Berlin, Germany.Known for: High-ranking Nazi who flew to Scotland in 1941, claiming to bring a peace proposal. Close Hitler Associate There has always been considerable debate about Hesss mission. The British concluded he had no authority to negotiate peace, and questions about his motivations and even his sanity persisted. There was no doubt that Hess had been a longtime associate of Hitler. He had joined the Nazi movement when it was a tiny fringe group on the edge of German society and during Hitlers rise to power he became a trusted aide. At the time of his flight to Scotland, he was widely known to the outside world as a trusted member of Hitlers inner circle. Hess was ultimately convicted at the Nuremberg Trials, and would outlive the other Nazi war criminals who were convicted alongside him. Serving a life term in grim Spandau Prison in West Berlin, he ultimately became the prisons sole inmate for the last two decades of his life. Even his death in 1987 was controversial. By official account, he had committed suicide by hanging himself at the age of 93. Yet rumors of foul play circulated and still persist. After his death the German government had to deal with his grave in a family plot in Bavaria becoming a pilgrimage site for modern day Nazis. Early Career Hess was born as Walter Richard Rudolf Hess in Cairo, Egypt, on April 26, 1894. His father was a German merchant based in Egypt, and Hess was educated at a German school in Alexandria and later at schools in Germany and Switzerland. He embarked on a business career which was quickly interrupted by the outbreak of war in Europe when he was 20 years old. In World War I Hess served in a Bavarian infantry unit and eventually trained as a pilot. When the war ended with Germanys defeat Hess was embittered. Like many other disgruntled German veterans, his deep disillusionment led him to radical political movements. Hess became an early adherent of the Nazi Party, and forged a close association with the partys rising star, Hitler. Hess served as Hitlers secretary and bodyguard in the early 1920s. After the abortive coup in 1923 in Munich, which became famous as the Beer Hall Putsch, Hess was imprisoned with Hitler. During this period Hitler dictated to Hess part of what became his notorious book Mein Kampf. As the Nazis rose to power, Hess was given important posts by Hitler. In 1932 he was appointed head of the partys central commission. In the following years he continued being promoted, and his role in the top Nazi leadership was evident. A front-page headline in the New York Times in the summer of 1934 referred to his likely position as Hitlers closest subordinate and successor: Hitler Understudy Likely To Be Hess. In 1941, Hess was officially known as the third most powerful Nazi, after only Hitler and Herman Goering. In reality his power had probably faded, yet he was still in close contact with Hitler. As Hess hatched his plan to fly out of Germany, Operation Sea Lion, Hitlers plan to invade England the previous year had been postponed. Hitler was turning his attention eastward and making plans to invade Russia. Flight to Scotland On May 10, 1941, a farmer in Scotland discovered a German flier, wrapped in a parachute, on his land. The flier, whose Messerschmitt fighter plane had crashed nearby, first claimed to be an ordinary military pilot, giving his name as Alfred Horn. He was taken into custody by the British military. Hess, posing as Horn, told his captors he was a friend of the Duke of Hamilton, a British aristocrat and noted aviator who had attended the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The Germans, or at least Hess, seemed to believe the Duke could help broker a peace deal. While detained in a hospital shortly after his capture, Hess got to meet the Duke of Hamilton and revealed his true identity. The Duke immediately contacted Prime Minister Winston Churchill and informed him that he had met Hess years earlier and the man who had landed in Scotland was indeed the high-ranking Nazi. British authorities expressed astonishment as the peculiar story of Hesss arrival in Scotland made headlines around the world. The earliest dispatches about Hesss flight from Germany to Scotland were full of speculation about his purpose and motives. One theory in the early press accounts was that Hess feared a purge was coming of top Nazi officials and Hitler might be planning to have him killed. Another theory was that Hess had decided to abandon the Nazi cause and help the British. The official story which was ultimately put out by the British was that Hess claimed to be bringing a peace proposal. The British leadership did not take Hess seriously. In any event, less than a year after the Battle of Britain the British were in no mood to discuss peace with Hitler. The Nazi leadership, for its part, distanced itself from Hess and put out the story that he had been suffering from delusions. For the rest of the war Hess was held by the British. His mental state was often questioned. At one point he seemed to attempt suicide by jumping over the railing of a staircase, breaking a leg in the process. He seemed to spend most of his time staring into space and began to habitually complain that he believed his food was being poisoned. Decades of Captivity Following the end of World War II, Hess was put on trial at Nuremberg along with other leading Nazis. Throughout the ten months of the 1946 war crimes trial, Hess often seemed disoriented as he sat in the courtroom along with other high-ranking Nazis. At times he read a book. Often he stared into space, seeming to have no interest in what was happening around him. Rudolf Hess, with arms extended, at the Nuremberg Trial. Getty Images   On October 1, 1946, Hess was sentenced to life in prison. Twelve of the other Nazis on trial with him were sentenced to be hanged, and others received sentences of 10 to 20 years. Hess was the only Nazi leader to be sentenced to a life term. He escaped the death penalty mainly because his mental state was questionable and he had spent the bloodiest years of the Nazi terror locked up in England. Hess served his sentence in Spandau Prison in West Berlin. Other Nazi prisoners died in prison or were released as their terms ended, and from October 1, 1966, onward, Hess was Spandaus only prisoner. His family periodically sought to have him released, but their appeals were always refused. The Soviet Union, which had been a party to the Nuremberg trials, insisted that he serve every day of his life sentence. In prison, Hess was still mostly a mystery. His peculiar behavior continued, and it wasnt until the 1960s that he agreed to have monthly visits from family members. He was in the news at times when he was taken to a British military hospital in Germany for treatment of various ailments. Controversy After Death Hess died in prison on August 17, 1987, at the age of 93. It was revealed that he had strangled himself with an electrical cord. His jailers said he had left a note indicating a desire to kill himself. Rumors circulated that Hess had been murdered, supposedly because he had become a figure of fascination for neo-Nazis in Europe. The Allied powers released his body to his family, despite fears that his grave would become a shrine for Nazi sympathizers. At his funeral in a Bavarian graveyard in late August 1987 scuffles broke out. The New York Times reported that about 200 Nazi sympathizers, some dressed in Third Reich uniforms, scuffled with police. Hess was buried in a family plot and the site did become a gathering place for Nazis. In the summer of 2011, fed up with visits by Nazis, the cemetery administration exhumed Hesss remains. His body was then cremated and his ashes scattered at sea in an unknown location. Theories about Hesss flight to Scotland continue to emerge. In the early 1990s, files released from Russias KGB seemed to indicate that British intelligence officers had lured Hess to leave Germany. The Russian files included reports from the notorious mole Kim Philby. The official reason for Hesss flight remains as it was in 1941: Hess believed he could, on his own, make peace between Germany and Britain. Sources: Walter Richard Rudolf Hess. Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd ed., vol. 7, Gale, 2004, pp. 363-365. Gale Virtual Reference Library.Rudolf Hess Is Dead In Berlin; Last of Hitler Inner Circle. New York Times 18 August 1987. A1.

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New Author Profiles on the Reedsy Network

New Author Profiles on the Reedsy Network New: Author Profiles on the Reedsy Network A few months ago, we gave editors and designers the tools to create a beautiful profile on Reedsy. Today, we’re proud to be unveiling author profiles! Log in to your Reedsy account here and get started on yours now for free!Bestselling author C.J. Lyons, Scifi author Chele Cooke and  YA author Sara Raasch have already created their Reedsy profiles. We look forward to seeing yours, share it with us over on @ReedsyHQ!And if you want to help us spread the word among the author community about this awesome opportunity, here’s a simple pre-made tweet

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The Expert Witness Controversy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Expert Witness Controversy - Essay Example One of the initial problems with expert testimony is that it is used by both the prosecution and the defense. The two experts must necessarily be at opposition in an effort to help their side's case and one of them must be wrong. This is further complicated by the vast number of "Expert Testimony Services" that have cropped up in recent years as lawyers and investigators pursue an expert-for-hire strategy. Some of these firms have been criticized for advertising that they will be paid only if they win the case. This is contrary to science and removes the neutrality of the scientific method. This attitude extends itself into the prosecution as government and police labs exaggerate claims or suppress evidence. In the case of Bromgard vs. Montana, Jimmy Ray Bromgard was convicted of raping an 8 year old girl based on a forensics expert who testified that the hair found at the scene had only a 1 in 10000 chance of not being Bromgard's. This expert testimony was fraudulent as there were n o means to statistically match hairs through microscopic inspection. Another problem with expert testimony enters the courtroom by way of new technology that may be unproven and unreliable. Termed "junk science", it is sometimes used by the defense to instill reasonable doubt, and more often by the prosecution to sway a jury in their favor. The 1993 case of Daubert vs. Merrill Dow Pharmaceutical set strict guidelines that lower courts must use to determine the admissibility of scientific evidence. It mandated that expert testimony be proven valid, reliable, peer reviewed, and generally accepted by the scientific community (Junk science, 2005). However, as new technology arises, it finds its way into court cases and is only upheld or overturned after years of appeal. When first introduced, fingerprint enhancement was labeled by defense attorneys as "...junk science, unreliable, and easily manipulated" (DeMarzo, 2003). Though the appeals process eventually upheld this technique, it runs the risk of alienating a jury and may result in a guilty verdict be ing overturned on appeal. The American Medical Association has been proactive in protecting the credibility of its profession by setting standards for medical testimony. In 1998 they adopted a policy that states, "... expert witness testimony is the practice of medicine subject to peer review" (Reardon, 1998). Medical malpractice suits and the questionable ethics of a Doctor receiving a contingency fee upon winning the case should arouse a sense of trouble in all involved. Expert testimony as it pertains to psychiatry is equally as troublesome as was seen in the case of John Hinkly. More recently, the case of Andrea Yates was overturned and ordered a new trial because of inaccurate testimony given by a leading forensic psychiatrist for the prosecution (Hausman, 2005). Further complicating the case was the controversial "Postpartum

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Childhood Sexual Abuse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Childhood Sexual Abuse - Essay Example The paper will seek to answer the question whether our client Marya, was sexually victimized as a child or adolescent in relation to her behavior in adulthood. To find out whether this thesis is true or false we have to analyze the book titled Madness, which describes Marya’s experience, and support our finding with knowledge from journal articles, as well as other literature containing information related to child sexual abuse. From the analysis of the book, it is clearly seen that Marya’s behavior is different from that of other children since her childhood. She had nightmares about a goat man coming to attack her at night and, in most cases, she asked her mother questions that expressed her fear (Hornbacher, 2008). This is believed to have been caused by a disorder she was born with. However, her condition in childhood is again very different from the conditions she is in as an adult. As an adult, she suffers both sex and drug addiction; she always have thoughts of c ommitting suicide. This is indicated by how she cuts herself and the way she is being frequently involved into having sex with boys due to lack of self-control (Hornbacher, 2008). Most of these effects are believed to have come out of post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder is a result of sexual events that exposes a victim to great threats of injury or even death (Shiromani, LeDoux & Keane, 2009). As a result, she might be traumatized and thereafter might suffer from post-traumatic disorder. This kind of disorder can affect a person in different ways even in his/her adulthood. This trauma can affect a child in many ways, one of them being making the child unable to interact with other children regardless of gender and social status. This is an immediate effect where the difficulty in interaction is based on low self-esteem and self-confidence. Through this, a child’s social life gets affected negatively which can go to adulthood. Another immediate effect that this trau ma might have on a child is affecting his academic life. This trauma can make a child unable to concentrate in her academics and thus affecting her education negatively. The trauma can also affect the health and growth of the child. Research has shown that most children who have been sexually abused usually have nightmares that cause them lack of sleep and in most cases, lack of appetite (Warner, 2009). Various things trigger this kind of a disorder especially when it comes from childhood sexual abuse. One of the triggers of this disorder is loss of trust in the person that victimized the victim. The victim may also lack trust in other people of the same gender. Another trigger of this disorder is low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence that results from childhood sexual abuse. This disorder can also be triggered by self-denial that comes when one is continuously sexually abused. It is important to note that the magnitude of the disorder depend on its trigger, which can be one o r several of the mentioned in relation to the personality of the victim. Post-traumatic stress disorder developed from childhood sexual abuse, does not only affect children in their childhood, the effects are carried up to adulthood. The adult survivors of child sexual abuse exhibit behaviors that are not common in other individuals. This kind of people in most cases fails to be interactive and might fail to trust people of the opposite gender. Another

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How important is the setting in the short stories you have read? :: English Literature

How important is the setting in the short stories you have read? In this assignment I will analyse 5 short stories, which are all pre 1914. These are – ‘The man with the twisted lip’, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Red Room’, by H.G Wells, ‘The Signalman’, by Charles Dickens, ‘A Terribly Strange Bed,’ by Wilkie Collins and ‘The Ostler’, also by Wilkie Collins. The stories all have an exterior location. For example, in the Red Room, the corridors on the way to The Red Room. The language H.G Wells uses, such as ‘haunted’, ‘darkness’ and ‘shadowy’ create a feeling of tension and suspense. This is even before you have reached the main setting. Compared to The Signalman, the way the settings are portrayed, there is very little difference. Some of the words used by Charles Dickens, such as ‘dark’, ‘gloomy red light’ and ‘cold’. Some similarities are that they both talk about darkness and lack of light. The interior settings play a significant part in most of the stories. The man with the twisted lip, there is an opium den. This sets the scene to a dark and gloomy setting, just as the authors did with the exterior setting. The authors are always using dark and gloomy symbolism. The opium den is described as ‘gloomy’, ‘dark’ and ‘black shadows’. This gets you on the edge, and you want to read on. In comparison to The Red Room which uses shock and surprise. Where it says ‘the young duke had died’, it goes on to say, ‘headlong down the steps’. This immediately shocks you because it is such a horrific death. This therefore is a very important part of the setting. In addition, when the candles start to go out, the character panics. The writer uses phrases such as ‘suddenly went out’, ‘black shadow sprang back to its place’ and ‘darkness was there.’ This excites the reader, and you want to read on. Also the writer uses short, sharp sentences to emphasise the panic and terror, which the character is feeling. Also the sub characters help to portray the eeriness of the story. In The Red Room, there is a man with a ‘withered arm’, and another with ‘decaying yellow teeth’. To the reader this is a very unpleasant and sickening thought. The people who spread the myth of The Red Room help to give out a horrific feeling to the story. In The man with the twisted lip, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle describes the people in the opium den as ‘bodies’, not as people. This shows that he does not see the

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity Essay

* Relate value systems and critical thinking to your sexual decision making before and after this course. * Describe the effect of environment and historical perspectives on your sexuality. * Discuss the development of your gender identity. * Analyze the effect of attraction and love in your relationships. * Discuss another topic of this course that is interesting and useful to you. Relate this topic to your life. When I first started this class I had no idea of what I was in for and then the first class took me back to when I was a young girl and had no clue about what I wanted or who. I never thought about boys much when I was in school and that made think maybe I was different than other girls, because they dated and I didn’t, was there something wrong with me or was I just waiting until I met the right person. I now know that I was just waiting for the right guy and the right time to even think about sex.I have learned in this class that even though I am not confused now that back then it was a normal thing to be confused and wonder if I was different. Back when I was young the fear of being different was about the only thing that we ever had to face (besides getting pregnant), I was raised Catholic and being different was and still is frowned upon, so when I would talk to my mother she would simply tell me that my body wasn’t ready and now after this class I can see that what she said was right, my body and my mind wasn’t ready to make that choice and when it was I knew what I wanted. That is still what a lot of the youth today have to face and understand, if their bodies are ready they have to make sure that they understand everything that goes along with being sexually active. The biggest thing that helped me understand my sexuality is that I grew up watching â€Å"Little House† and my parent’s, and also my grandparent’s. These things made me realize that I was meant to be with a man and to love only one person for life. I know that before I started dating I thought at one time that maybe I was meant to be with a girl not a boy, but then I went to church more often and after reading the bible (a lot) I was to be with a man if I wanted to be part of my family.  Even today if I was to be with a woman not my husband my family would never talk to me again. That is a lot for one person to have to deal with and that is what a lot of people have to deal with on a daily basis. I believe that if you want to be with the same sex then you should do what is going to make you happy, not everyone around you. In history if you laid down with the same sex as you everyone thought that you had something wrong with you and wanted you locked up, to make you change. I never wanted to be a problem for anyone, so I choose to do the right thing and go along with what everyone in my Catholic family told me that I should be like. I don’t regret it, but sometimes wonder if I gave in to easily and was too scared to be different. History has not been kind to people who are different and the same goes for people these days, if you’re different than them then they want to change you and make you like them. I was always told that I would go to hell if I ever even thought about women the way I was to think about a man, today I tell my daughters that if a women can make them happy and not hurt them then go ahead, I wish that that had been said to me. When I first started to date me only went out with people that I knew my parents wanted me to date, I never thought about being attracted to them or even interested in them. I know that being attracted to someone is one of the most important things when thinking of going out with them, but sometimes people do it (have sex) without thinking about it or any feeling at all. That is what I did for a long time and that took me some time to realize that I was onl y hurting myself and the men didn’t care why I was doing it. When I first fell in love with my husband we weren’t even dating, I met him at my sister’s and felt my heart beat faster every time he was around, that made me want to change for the better and the more I thought about him the more I wanted to be with only him. I know that love doesn’t always happen when you want it to or for whom you want, but it does happen. People I think need to be patient and kind to others and learn that putting yourself out there (so to speak) is the only way that you will realize that someone can love you and once you know that and learn to love yourself in spite of everything that has happened in the past, love is a wonderful thing and so is just being attracted to someone. Just knowing that my husband is going to be there no matter what I do or say gives me the sense of self that I can’t control. The topic that hit home really hard for me during this class was: Sexual Abuse  of Children. This hits home on two different levels, first I was abused as a child by my uncle and my grandfather. No one believed me and I felt completely alone and scared all the time. I do believe that this was one big factor on me not knowing who I was or what I wanted when I was the dating age (as my mother would say), I wouldn’t look or talk to any of the boys and got into fights with the girls, I always tried not to be home when my uncle had to watch us, but it never worked. So I ran away and that was when I started talking to someone who could help me deal with all the feeling that I was having. It took me (what seemed like forever) some time and at times even today I think about it and just want to cry, I still to this day don’t have anything to do with that uncle and never have forgiven him and never let him around any of my daughter’s. The second reason for this topic is that my daughter was raped when she was 15 and that brought up all of the feelings that I had as a young girl. I did everything that I could, I got her counseling and we pressed charges against the man who did it to her. She is doing some what alright,except she only wants to date a lot older men and started being sexually active shortly after that happened to her, she still has night terrors over it, but is getting the help that she needs and is talking more about it which is one of the best ways of dealing with childhood trauma. After taking this class my daughters and I are a lot closer because we talked about my assignments every week and they seem to want to talk to me more about what is going on with them. I never really talked to my mother about what I was feeling and that did more harm than good in my eyes. No day’s you have to be open and honest with young people and then maybe they will want to be open with you. Telling my girls that no matter what is going on with them I will always be there for them is the best thing that I could do for them. If there was one thing that I could change about the way that my thinking was before this class, it would be to be more open minded about things that I wonder about, like how can someone who has been with a man/women all there life’s change and flip it.I mean that I was always confused as to how someone would be gay,bi,and how did they know without a dought in their minds. I never really had any friends that were not straight and this class helped open my eye’s as to maybe why someone would be the way that they are without passing a bad thought about it.I’m really glad that I had the chance to get to know myself a little bit  better and understand a few other things that had me wondering.

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Maintaining A Career As A Bartender - 991 Words

Working as a bartender can be a very fulfilling career for people that like a fast-paced and personable job setting. Unfortunately, it can be a hard environment for many people recovering from alcohol addiction. If you have a career as a bartender, but are trying to beat alcoholism, you don t need to feel helpless: there is a strong chance you can keep your career while in recovery. Is It Possible? Maintaining a career as a bartender during recovery is possible, but it isn t necessarily easy. You re obviously going to have to utilize out-patient rehabilitation care, as opposed to in-patient. Out-patient centers let you live at home, attend work, and live your life like normal. You ll still have to attend regular meetings and detoxify, but there will be no one to guide you through the process. For many bartenders, this will be a major challenge, but it can be incredibly liberating for others. Being able to maintain a normal lifestyle may help give them the motivation they need to live a sober life. Remember: in an out-patient program, you are your own boss and are in control of your own actions. The only person you have to answer to is yourself. In fact, for many people recovering from an alcohol addiction, going back to work as a bartender can serve as an important personal challenge. Being surrounded by alcohol and drinking will certainly test their self-control, and many people will relish in the chance to prove to themselves that they are more than capable ofShow MoreRelatedCase Analysis : Kindred Todd And The Ethics Of Od1431 Words   |  6 Pagespersonal values. The case study â€Å"Kindred Todd and the Ethics of OD† presents some ethical issues which arose for a recent master’s graduate during her first assignment as an applied practitioner and proposes some ethical concerns for anyone considering a career in organization development. Kindred Todd demonstrated desirable personal values throughout her assignment to the firm’s new client. In accordance with the Ethical Guidelines for an Organization Development/Human Systems Development Professional,Read MoreHallman Hotels : Mission Statement1620 Words   |  7 Pagesdependent on the hiring of excellent employees, consistent training of all employees throughout their careers, recognition of excellence within our organization and a total team effort in all areas of operations. HALLMAN HOTELS – EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES / NON DISCRIMINATION Hotel Hallman is an equal opportunity employment company in regards to the hiring of new employees as well as their career paths and compensation within the organization. There will be no discrimination of any individualRead MoreThe Hospitality Industry : A Broad Range Of Fields Within Service Industry Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pagesavailability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance and direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, management, marketing, and human resources etc.). Origin of Hospitality Industry The French word ‘hospice’ has been adapted to form the word ‘hospitality’ that means taking care of the travelers. The original word is still retained by a lot ofRead MoreErik Erikson s Theory Of Human Development Essay1750 Words   |  7 Pageswith a 20 year old caucasian female. She is not married and has no children. She works a part time job as a server/bartender at a restaurant. Currently, she is a junior in college with her major being strategic communications. Priorities Her current priorities in life right now include, spending time with her family, doing well in school, work, physical activity and maintaining strong relationships with her friends. Concerns In her life right now, her biggest concerns and worries areRead MoreEmployability Skills and Swot Analysis3044 Words   |  13 Pagesinteraction etc.) but less related with creative thinking and problem solving skills. The term ‘employability skills’ is also connected with other backgrounds, especially with Higher Education. The employability skills that identify me and my future career can be categorized in nine major groups of skills. The first groups of skills are the communication skills. The communication skills are the set of skills that allow an individual to transport information so that it is received and understoodRead MoreRitz Carlton Essay2111 Words   |  9 Pagesthe genuine comfort and care of our guests is our highest mission†.1 â€Å"Genuine comfort and care† is created by ensuring that employees are trained and motivated to be up to the task. Ultimately, individualized services such as custom pillows or the bartender keeping track of your favourite drink are the essence of the Ritz-Carlton experience. Culture – â€Å"Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies Gentlemen† is at the heart of RCH’s history and culture. RCH suggests that employees join us, and not just workRead MoreEssay on Human Resources Labor Unions2533 Words   |  11 Pagesbetter working conditions to employees around the world. This document will explain the importance of unions and the role they play in today’s economy and work force and how a business can remain union free. Introduction When deciding on which career path to take and what corporation to work for doing substantial research on benefits, wages, and the working conditions of that particular company is essential. What most people do not realize is what it took for those benefits to be created. HistoryRead MorePUFFERS PASTRY And Caffe Business PLAN5289 Words   |  22 Pagespeople change their spending priorities. There are fewer trips to restaurants. A problem also in restaurants is finding dependable help who will stay with the business. Many restaurant employees tend to be younger and are attempting to move into a career. When either their schooling ends or they find their dream job, they move on. Often servers filling the positions are non-skilled, and tend to be single mothers or lower educated persons. These persons come with specific circumstances which mustRead MoreEssay about Learning Disability Dyslexia2685 Words   |  11 PagesLearning Disability Dyslexia Whether we graduate from highschool or college we all hope to find a challenging career that will propel us forward in todays society. For those suffering from dyslexia this only adds to the frustration and fears associated with seeking employment. Many adults with dyslexia or other forms of learning disabilities never disclose their disability in interviews or once employed for fear of being discriminated against. Several investigators have noted, however, that manyRead MoreStrategies Of Human Resources Management2940 Words   |  12 Pagesfelon. †¢ 1990-2008 - Today we see hordes of young people drawing on themselves with free abandon, (almost 30% of people in the 1980 s). These people do not understand that a tattoo may effectively prohibit them from pursuing some professional careers, regardless of their other qualifications. It is aparent that tattoo’s have gained popularity. Unfortunately, unless you are a pro athlete, tattoo’s are normally not authorized for display to the customer. Piercings used to be only in your ears and